ZIP Code Web Services

This tool allows to developers to submit standard RESTful web API requests and receive XML or JSON responses back. Look up current ZIP code data or city data, perform radius searches, and find the distance between two locations. Includes US and Canada ZIP codes.

Services Available

Service Description Docs
zipinfo Returns full information about a requested ZIP code. [Docs]
citysearch Returns all ZIP codes matching a text search by city name or substring. [Docs]
distance Returns the Great Circle distance between two ZIP codes. [Docs]
radius Returns all ZIP codes within a requested radius of a requested ZIP code. [Docs]
accountinfo Returns usage information about your account. [Docs]

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Price # Daily calls Maximum radius
Free 50 50 miles
$19 / month 500 500 miles
$39 / month 2,500 2,500 miles
$59 / month 5,000 5,000 miles
$99 / month Unlimited Unlimited


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