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Hosted Dealer Locator

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  • Your customer enters a ZIP code on your web site.

  • A list of your nearest dealers pops up.

  • It all happens on our servers - no programming need.

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What is this and how does it work?

The Hosted Dealer Locator gives you a form on your web site for your customers to find your dealers, stores, or locations nearest them by ZIP code. It's "hosted", meaning all the programming code, hassle, and maintenance is on our web site, not yours.

The results of your customers' searches will be shown on a web page that is customized to look like your own. The results show each location's distance from your customer, and even maps. As far as your customers can tell, they never leave your web site, and they think you have a very slick tool.

USCanadaBoth US ZIP codes and Canadian postal codes are supported.

Best of all, the price is right.

Do we need to do any programming?

No, Zipwise handles all the technical stuff for you. We will give you one little snippet of code to place on your web site, which is the form that your customers will use to find your dealers.

For advanced customers, customized CSS and an XML feed of the results is available instead if you have the resources to do your own programming.

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