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Zipwise ZIP code data for the US and Canada is the freshest data available, and has been since 2002. Our data is updated 48 times every day, seven days a week, from at least five different sources, including the USPS and Canada Post. We offer every live ZIP code and every city, even latitude and longitude. Direct server-to-server downloads are provided, as well as deeply discounted weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates. Data is provided as a .CSV file, suitable for Excel or any database program. Immediate full download upon purchase; no physical delivery needed.

Options and Prices

Latitude &
Include only the
preferred city per ZIP [?]One record per ZIP code, giving the preferred city name only.
Include all cities per ZIP [?]Includes a record for every city recognized inside each ZIP code
Single User [?]Licensed for a single user on a single workstation only (not for web sites).
Corporate Site License [?]Licensed for any number of users at your company's location (not for web sites).
Web/Unlimited License [?]For unlimited usage at your company, including data-driven web sites.


Sample Data:


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